I have moved often and lived in three continents. Study has brought me superbly talented mentors and I continually appreciate their generosity towards me.

photo of VardaI study and teach, ranging over many interconnected areas from music to Chinese Medicine to Art and Bodywork. I teach a unique synthesis of these learnings, and call that system Vazzyoga - a light and gentle study of self which I offer, incorporating several modalities explored in this website in fuller detail.

The client chooses the medium in which to work - whether hands-on bodywork, verbal discussion or music/art therapy, with guidance from the I Ching optional. Tailoring the programme to individual specifications is an interplay of intuition and communication.

People I work with describe an increased sense of calm and confidence, an awakening of interest and excitement in new learnings about the materials, instrument or self. Children love to come and play through to happier connections with self and environment.

Available for group work, mediation or individual sessions.

Phone: (02) 66 804 434 or 0412 153 799
Email: vardash@ozemail.com.au

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