2016 Workplace Conflict Resolution Training
Dispute Resolution Branch, Queensland Government
2014 Vocational Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution CHC80207
2014 Conflict Coaching
Dispute Resolution Branch and Griffith University, Qld Government
2013 National Mediator Accreditation
Dispute Resolution Branch and Griffith University, Qld Government
2006 Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training
2000 - 2001 Diploma of Transpersonal Art and Therapy
Ikon Institute, Adelaide, S.A.
1998 Grad. Cert. in Narrative Therapy
Dulwich Centre, Adelaide, S.A.
1994 Courses in Movement & Music Therapy
Levinsky Seminar, Tel Aviv, Israel
1987 - 1990 Certificate of Teacher of the Alexander Technique (1500 hours)
Y. Hermelin's Teacher's Training Course, Tel Aviv, Israel
1982 - 1986 B. Mus & Teacher's Diploma
Rubin School of Music, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Israel


Professional Development

2018 Facilitating Effective Groups
Dispute Resolution Branch, Queensland Government
2017 Assessing Suitability and Preparing Clients for Mediation
Resolution Institute, Brisbane
2015 Mediating Property Settlements - Family Law Act 1975 Implications - Bond University, Dispute Resolution Centre
2012 to present Counselling Supervisor - Dr. Anne Morris
2011 NSW Rape Crisis Centre - Vicarious Trauma Seminar for External Counselling Professionals
2010 - 2011 Counselling Supervisor - Dr. Anne Moris
2009 'Prevention of Gendered Bullying and Violence' - Association of Women Educators
2007 - 2009 Counselling Supervisor - Dr Anne Morris
2007 - 2008 Master Louis Liu, training in medical Qi Gong
2006 Counselling Supervisors - Dr. Sandra Speedy, Anne Morris
2001/2002 Counselling Supervisor - Marion Burns
2001 UTLC Community Activists Summer School Program - "Work and Values in a Global Economy" -
Marilyn Waring, former New Zealand Member of Parliament, feminist economist, author
2000 Fortnightly peer supervision and study group
2000 Research & Evaluation Training Seminar - Where is Primary Health Care going in the 21st century? -
Professor David Sanders, Director, Public Health Program University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa and Professor Fran Baum, Head of the Department of Public Health and the South Australian Community Health Research Unit
2000 Project Costing - Jo Gell, NMCHS; Mary Ireland, Adelaide CCHS
2000 Suicide - NMCHS workshop : Deb Odgers, Marija Podnieks
2000 Counselling Supervisor - Marion Burns
1999/2000 Counselling Supervisor - Anne Morris
1999 Domestic Violence - Working with Men -
Denise Deutschke, Peter Reuter (20 hours training)
1999 Domestic Violence - Feminist Approaches in the New Millennium -
Dr. Liz Kelly, Director, Woman & Child Abuse Studies Unit, University of North London
1999 Feminism I - NMCHS workshop : Anne Morris, Peter Reuter
1999 Domestic Violence Research Seminar -
Donna Chung, School of Social Work & Social Policy, University of S.A. Large Scale Quantitative Studies in Domestic Violence; Qualitative & Feminist Approaches in the Study of Domestic Violence
1998 Counselling Supervisor - Leela Anderson
1998 Group supervision - Loretta Perry
1998 Narrative Professional Development at Ingle Farm
1998 Youth & the Law - workshop covering Duty of Care, aspects of the Juvenile Justice System (Cautions, Family Conference, Youth Court), Mandatory Notification, Age of Consent, Rights to Leave Home
1998 Working With The Effects of Abuse -
Training with Leela Anderson, exploring ways of working with adults who have experienced physical/emotional/child sexual abuse
1996 Intermediate Qi Gong -
Master Peng Jiu Ling of the Vancouver Qi Gong Health Centre
1994 Beginners' Qi Gong -
Master Peng Jiu Ling of the Vancouver Qi Gong Health Centre
1995 - 1997 Basics of Chinese Medicine; private supervision - Nili Bassan, Director of Teachers' School of Alexander Technique, Haifa,
Israel, Qi Gong Master, acupuncturist
1994 - 1997 Composition - Dr. Hagar Kadima
1992 - 1997 Supervision - Zafi Gilad, family therapist
1989 Alexander Technique courses - U.S.A.
1987 Alexander Technique courses - U.K.


Professional Membership

1999 to present Member of AUSTAT (Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique)



2000 'Touch Your Heart, Trust Your Body'; Dung Nguyen & Varda Shepherd
2002 'Flying the Kite'; Varda Shepherd
2014 CDs for Calm
'Treasured'; Varda Shepherd (piano works)
'Active Rest'; Varda Shepherd (bodywork guidance

2017 'After the Dawn'; Varda Shepherd (piano works)
2019 'V'; Varda Shepherd (piano works)



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