About Varda

Born in Zimbabwe in 1956, when it was called Rhodesia, I remember feeling pain when I saw black people slighted or exploited by white people, but did not yet have the words to explain or successfully challenge much of what surrounded me.

I left Africa aged 20 and whilst living in Israel became involved in peace activism, in an attempt to contribute to co-existence. I attended Tel Aviv University aged 26 to 30, completing my performance and teacher's degree whilst studying the Alexander Technique, then trained as an AT teacher in my early thirties. Later I studied music and movement therapy.

In 1997 I migrated to Australia and studied narrative and art therapy.

In 2013 I was granted National Mediator Accreditation. In 2014 I qualified as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

I am an artist, a musician, a student of life, Alexander Technique teacher and violence and abuse therapist.

I like to listen to people as I love to learn about their lives, their relationships with self and others. In my work I am responsible for handling power differentials sensitively. Being myself a student, each session is an opportunity for learning.

I love expansion, the sense of soaring to heights of joy and acceptance. I am able to transmit this experience to others when I lay my hands on them.


Contact details

Phone: (02) 6680 4434 or 0412 153 799
Email: vardash@ozemail.com.au



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